Tuesday, November 18, 2008

REUNION - 2007

The first known Van Marel family reunion was held in Orange City, Iowa, on June 30 and July 1, 2007. It was hosted by the great grand children of the first Jacob Van Marel that arrived in the United States in 1848. The hosts were grandchildren of the second Jacob Van Marel, who was born in Orange City and lived most of his life on the homesteaded Van Marel farm.

Over 200 family members attended from 11 States.

The following are some photos that were taken during that reunion.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Van der Marel family crest

This family crest which was chartered in 1641 by Jan Cornelis van der Marel. When the Jacob van der Marel family arrived in the United States in 1848, they shortened their surname to Van Marel. Jacob was the Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Nephew of Jan.

Tour of Orange City IA

Visitor's Center in windmill

Reunion organizers in (or behind) Native costumes

Bill Van Marel, Carole Van Riessen and Carl Van Marel

Registration Table

Clarella Van Marel & Calvin Cleveringa manned the Registration table. They are checking in relatives from California & Oregon: Sharon & Dave Haerle, Verna Howe, Dawn & Gerald Hollis, and Linda Cernak

Marque for Van Marel Family Reunion

Some hopefulls to carry on the Van Marel Name!

Britton, William, Jason, Blayne, and Brandon (all obviously Van Marel's)

Gerrit Van Marel's grandchildren

Dan Jager, David Van Marel, Mary Van Marel, Bev Vande Velde, Jim Doornink, Mary Ann Butcher, Maureen Petersen and Karen Hendrichson. SPECIAL NOTE: 100% OF GERRIT VAN MAREL'S LIVING GRANDCHILDREN WERE IN ATTENDENCE AND THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME EVER THAT THEY ALL GOT TOGETHER! A MOST EXCITING TIME!

Dorothy Campbell Smalley's family in Windmill Park

Dave & Sharon Haerle; Verna Howe; Linda Cernak; Dawn & Gerald Hollis

Visiting in Windmill Park

Rose & Arvin Bleyenberg with Cynthia Cleveringa

Bus Tour of Orange City

One of three bus loads who toured the city.

Melanie & Chad Odens as Dutchmen

Van Marel Family Book table

Susie Van Marel and Lois Cleveringa distributing the family books

Lunch at NW Bank

Samantha & Karen Long

Irwin Van Marel's family members

Left to Right: Heidi, Katelyn, Jason & William Van Marel; James, Leanna & Lane Mulder; Bernie Bylsma; and Jamie Mulder

William Van Marel's family

Carl, Susie, Bill & Tena Van Marel; Lucille & Creston Hoekstra

Orange City architecture - main street strip mall

Jake Van Marel's grandchildren

Luretta Van Otterloo; Fay Masters; Sharla, Paul and Michael De Jager; and Paula Vande Hoef (front)

Banquet table

Starting bottom left clockwise: Lauren James; Allison, Terissa, Har, Diane, Jonathon & Jamison Te Slaa; and Sarah Bradley

Twila Oolman & Cheryl Hoekstra

Carol & Arlen Te Slaa as Dutchmen

Melissa Bradley's family

Connor, Lance, Melissa, Alicia, Jason, Sarah and Steve Bradley

Gerrit Van Marel's grandchildren

First cousins Maureen Petersen, Dan Jager and Bev Vande Velde meet together for the FIRST time!
William Van Marel receiving dinner from Mamma, Heidi. Note lots of folks finding themselves and overwhelmed with the huge family tree in the background.

Sarah & Lance Bradley as Dutchmen

Te Slaa family members

From front left clockwise: Larry & Leo Starkenburg; Gertrude & Howard Te Slaa; Clarence and Dee Gorter; and Sandy Starkenburg

Group at reunion

Left to right: Lucille Hoekstra, Joyce Te Slaa, Steven Bradley, Cleo Te Slaa, Alvin Van Marel, Clarella Van Marel, Susie Van Marel, Calvin Cleveringa

Cynthia Cleveringa at park

Kathy McKinstry, Fay Masters & Bill Van Marel

Sunday Morning Choir

Directed by Norm Te Slaa

Susie Van Marel accompanying the choir

Tena Van Marel with Darrell Hoekstra family

Amber, Nathan, Heather, Aaron, Tena (VM), Craig, Cheryl & Darrell Hoekstra

Carolyn Odens' family

Carolyn, Rich, Rhonda, Melanie, Chad, and Brad Odens

Clarissa Van Binsbergen's Family

Clarissa, Andrew, Whitney, and Scott Van Binsbergen

Carole Van Riessen's family

Andy, Samantha, Karen & Eric Long; Carole, Mark, Jennifer, Michael and Sue Van Riessen

Gertrude Te Slaa's family

Back row: Loren, Deb, Howard & Gertrude Te Slaa; Dee & Clarence Gorter, Sharon & Marv Winkel; Carol, Arlen, Cathy, Joyce, Cleo & Norm Te Slaa.
Front row: Harwin, Jamison, Jonathon, Allison, Terissa, Diane & Sarah Te Slaa.

Gerrit Van Marel's grandchildren

Larry Petersen; Karen Henrichson; David and Carolyn Van Marel

Lucille Hoekstra's family

Twila Oolman; Heather, Cheryl, Sandy, Teresa & Erica Hoekstra; and Josie & Karla Byl

Chatting in park

Kayla Byl, Trey Jeffers, Henry Byl, Tena Van Marel (seated), Henry C. Byl, and Valerie James

Visiting in park

Sarah Te Slaa, Travis Morgan, Kathy Te Slaa, Clarence Gorter

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Delma De Weerd & Rose Blyenberg

Elsie & Larry Bloemendaal's family

Left to right around the table starting at left front: Alicia Blackmore, Larry Bloemendaal, Chris Britt, Corey Blackmore, Malissa Mauch, Floyd Mauch and Brenda Mauch. Standing right: Jay James. Seated right: Dave Haerle

William Van Marel's Family

Front: Sarah Bradley; Amber Hoekstra; Carrie Whitfield; Kayla Byl holding Sister Josie; Alicia Bradley holding Megan James; and Samantha Hoekstra. Second row: Jason Bradley; Nic Byl; Lance Bradley; Tena Van Marel; Kinsey Jeffers; Erica Hoekstra (behind); Madison James; Trey Jeffers (behind); and Lauren James. Third row: Aaron Hoekstra; Henry Byl; Connor Bradley; Kyle Hoekstra; Melissa Bradley; Lila Whitfield; Kathy & Britton Van Marel. Standing: Craig, Heather, Cheryl and Darrell Hoekstra; Kevin & Jaylynn Jeffers, Kevin & Sandy Hoekstra; Twila and Harlan Oolman; Teresa Hoekstra; Jay Van Marel; Lyle Hoekstra; Valerie James; Lucille & Creston Hoekstra; Bill Van Marel; Susie & Carl Van Marel; Henry Byl; Jay James; Karla Byl; Steve Bradley; Brandon & Kelly Van Marel

West Lawn Cemetery in Orange City

Arie Van Marel, one of the original family members, is buried in this cemetery. This plot included Arie, wife Hendrieka, and 3 young children (Hendrikes, Marten Hendrick, and Margrietta). This cemetery was one of the stops of the bus tour where 21 family members were buried. They were identified by photos, brief summary of their lives, and balloons, so they could be more easily be located.

Nic Van Marel's family and Award

Front: Lisa, Emmy, Eli & Ella Wagner; and Karen Henrichson. Middle: Katie Thornton; Mary Ann Butcher, Terri Wagner; and Carolyn Van Marel. Back: Ben Wagner; William Landers and David Van Marel
The "Coming the farthest" awards were given to the families of Ben Wagner and of Terri Wagner--coming all the way from Southern California.

Great Grand Children of Arie Van Marel

Kneeling: David Van Marel, Carl Van Marel, Lucille Hoekstra, Calvin Cleveringa, Sharon Winkel, Carolyn Odens, Bill Van Marel, Carol Bylsma, Arlen Te Slaa and Howard Te Slaa. Standing: Karen Henrichson, Mary Ann Butcher, Maureen Petersen, Jim Doornink, Bev Vande Velde, Delma De Weerd, Evelyn Van Dam, Fay Masters, Mary Palmquist, Carole Van Riessen, Clifford Te Slaa, Kathy McKinstrey, Alvin Van Marel, Rose Bleyenberg, Ivan Van Marel, Sharla De Jager, Cleo Te Slaa, Luretta Van Otterloo, Dee Gorter, Arnold Van Marel, and Norm Te Slaa

Family members in Dutch costumes

Kathy McKinstrey & Kathy Van Marel attacking Bill Van Marel

Sharla De Jager's family

Michael, Paul and Sharla De Jager

Jonathon & Norm Te Slaa