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Van Marel tour/reunion through State of South Dakota June 14-23, 2019

Van Marel tour/reunion through  the State of South Dakota  June 14-23, 2019   Sculpture of Dignity--Earth and Sky to honor the culture of the local tribes Entrance to Akta Lokato Museum Bison statues placed on a major highway near Murdo Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo--exterior of car made  totally from wood Badlands was designated as a Federal Park in 1978 with over 240,000 acres (375 sq. miles) Exact replica of a 1150 Borgund, Norway, stave church, built in 1969 (Rapid City) Dinosaur Park Lovely Sylvan Lake Signing the Constitution at the Founding Fathers of America Famous Mount Rushmore was constructed from 1927-1941 Watching a video of sculpting the huge Crazy Horse Memorial monument,  which was started in 1948 and have no estimated completion date. Entrance to Homestake Mine started in 1877.  It is
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Van Marel Reunion, June 16-25, 2017, in state of Minnesota

 We were welcomed by the state of Minnesota!!!     Another fantastic Van Marel Reunion was enjoyed with a private bus tour around the state of Minnesota from June 16 to June 25, 2017, the land of 10,000 lakes. Joining us in the fun were 28 family members from 7 states, plus the Netherlands. A BIG thanks goes to Craig and Cheryl Colton who volunteered to show us the highlights of their home state and coordinate this well-planned trip! We all were surprised and pleased with the hidden treasures that we saw around this beautiful state. The best part of the tour was spending time with family. As a bonus, we would like to share some of the other highlights with you.  Elaine and Paul De Jong were our tour guide and driver. They took on the same responsibility during our tour/reunion from Iowa to California and back in 2009. In 2015, Craig and Cheryl